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[Video] Irate youth destroy a car after it reportedly cru$hed two persons in Rivers



Irate youth recently descended on a Toyota Spider after the driver reportedly hit two persons at a play ground in Omoku area of Rivers State.

It was gathered that this happened a few days ago, and according to reports, people were gathered at Obieti ancient play ground of Omoku to watch Masquerade display, when suddenly the driver of the Toyota Spider tried to make his way through the play ground.

He was, however, intercepted by some elderly men and masquerades as it is against the traditional ethics and norms. The driver bluntly refused and made his way through the play ground on a high speed, scratching his car in the process.

He was said to have come back the second time with an intention to h#t the masquerades but ended up hitting an old man and a little boy.

This provoked the youth, who chased him to the point where his car was damaged beyond repair.

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