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Uncle accused of being behind the m#rder of Nigerian businessman m*rdered in Vietnam [Photos]



A  man, identified as Nzeobi, has been accused of being responsible for the de@th of businessman Jude Chigbo Ihezie, who was recently br#tally m§rdered by unknown assailants in Hanoi, Vietnam.

This is coming after the suspect was caught burying a charm on the farmland belonging to the family of the deceased.

It was gathered that the incident happened at Umunnem, Umulogho Obowo, Imo State, hours before Jude’s demise.

Nzeobi – who is related to the family – had allegedly confessed to being responsible for the de@th of Jude’s brother and mother as well as other travails of their family.

A source said, “When we heard the news of Jude’s de@th we believed it was connected to what his relative, Nzeobi did. This man actually kept a charm on their family land and took villagers to uproot it. He made a shocking confession before he was taken to the head of the community. We live in a wi#ked world.”

Photos below:

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