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Policewoman arrested for faking her own kidn@p to fund her wedding



A policewoman, Naomi Danlami, has been arrested in Abuja for allegedly staging her own kidn@p in order to extort ransom from well-wishers to fund her wedding.

It was gathered that the news of her alleged kidn@p was shared on Facebook on Wednesday, April 19, just a day after she announced her engagement on the platform.

FIJ reports that when her family called her phone number, her supposed abductors said they didn’t want money but just wanted to k#ll her.

During the fundraising exercise, there were dissenting voices who expressed doubts about the abduction story. Some of her colleagues said she had a history of criminal behaviour; they said she was not truthful, not to be trusted, and that her lifestyle was w@yward,” a source told FIJ.

Danlami suddenly appear on Saturday, claiming she escaped from the kidn@ppers’ den where she was mol#sted.

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