[Photos] Suspected Yahoo boy kills a girl after hitting her with his car, leaving her mother heartbroken

A suspected Yahoo boy who was driving under the influence is reported to have rammed into and killed a young girl in the Sango area of Ogun state.

According to Twitter user, @OjoAlawada, the said Yahoo boy was on his way from Eleyele on a rainy night when he ran into the small girl after loosing control of his vehicle.

The suspected Yahoo boy is reported to have been high at the time of the incident and some bottles of alcoholic drinks were also found in his vehicle.

The Twitter user revealed that it was the following morning that the young girl lost her life — he also shared photo of the young girl’s mother wailing the death of her child.


He then shared that the Yahoo boy is in Police custody following the incident.

The user wrote,

Yahoo boy coming from Eleyele after the rain last night ran into a young girl at Sango junction after loosing control. Told the guy was high and has a lot of red wines inside his car.

The little girl d*ed this morning, leaving the mother in this condition.

The guy is currently in the police custody. But the deed has been done already!This is really sad!


See Twitter post below;

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