[Photos] Court acquits lecturer of r*pe, m#rder of 13-year-old Ochanya Ogbanje; convicts his wife for failing to protect the child from him

A Makurdi High Court presided over by Justice Augustine Ityonyiman, on Thursday acquitted Mr.

Andrew Ogbuja, a lecturer at the Benue State Polytechnic Ugbokolo, Benue state, of the charge of conspiracy, ra@pe and de@th of Miss Ochanya Ogbanje, a 13-year-old schoolgirl, in 2018.

The decision contradicts another Thursday’s verdict of the Federal High Court in Makurdi, in a separate case, which convicted Mr Ogbuja’s wife for negligence over the child, after establishing that he r@ped the minor.

The federal court jailed Felicia Ochiga-Ogbuja five months without an option of fine for failing to protect the child from her husband, but the state High Court, about the same time, on Thursday, exonerated the man.

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