Nevada Bridge boss wanted by the U.S. police for $1million fr@ud as his wife bags 2 years imprisonment

One half of a Nigerian couple, Ivie Shevon Sajere, 38, accused of ste@ling nearly $1 million from the federal government through bogus applications for retirement benefits and disaster aid has been sentenced to prison.

According to reports, Ivie, who lives in Suwanee, Georgia, will spend two years and six months in federal prison after she pleaded guilty to her role in the alleged sc@m last year, a district court judge said

She was also ordered to pay $949,616 in restitution. The government’s case against her husband, Neville Sajere, is ongoing as he “appears to have fled the United States and avoided prosecution,” according to court filings.

According to U.S. Attorney Erskine, the defendant and her husband, Neville, engaged in marriage fr@ud in an unsuccessful attempt to become U.S. citizens, participated in a money laundering scheme that defrauded nearly a million dollars from SSA and FEMA.

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