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Court sentences man to de@th by h@nging for k#lling a monarch in Ekiti



A 42-year-old man identified as Stephen Omoniyi, has been sentenced to de@th by h@nging for k#lling a traditional ruler in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State.

Confessing to the crime in 2018, Ademola told the police that, “The crown didn’t belong to Oba Ogunsakin because the town had last year declared the seat vacant following the de@th of our Oba.

A chief in the community who testified before the court said, “We were at the palace on that day for Onise in Council meeting. After the meeting, late Onise in the company of his male clerk were trekking back to the main palace, Ademola came out of his hiding and att@cked Kabiyesi with a knife on the road and st@bbed him to de@th. Before that day he has been parading himself as the king of the town.”

“The defendant is hereby sentenced to de@th and shall be h@nged until he breathes his last. May the good Lord have mercy upon his soul,” he pronounced.

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